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Back to my blogging roots

Goodness I’m exhausted! Clients, deadlines, technical hitches, hackers, it’s been a very tiring week and, quite simply, I haven’t had time to blog. I really admire people who have the time, commitment and mental stamina to blog once or even twice a day. I just don’t have it in me. When I started on this … Continue reading

Will Google Glass change the way we blog?

Blog post inspiration comes to me from many sources: other blog posts, news articles, human interactions, traditional media, social media and completely random thoughts (that usually arrive unheralded and unrecorded at 3am). I recently shared this video “How It Feels Through Glass” on my Facebook page, which gives the viewer a taste of experiencing the … Continue reading

You’re fired!

As a freelancer, I treasure my clients. I truly appreciate that they chose me for their projects, I always aim to exceed their expectations, I respect their deadlines and I value our relationship. From the tentative steps of the first brief, to the celebration of a project completed, a product launched, a media campaign won. Many … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Blog

It’s a challenge faced by many people who peddle services as opposed to products. We don’t have a tangible thing we can beautifully photograph and put on a website to entice potential customers to make a purchase. It’s just us and our skills. Not very photogenic (at times). Making headway as a freelance writer, I felt … Continue reading

Confessions of a copywriter

As a copywriter, there is an expectation that I have a definitive knowledge of the English language. Yes, I do know the difference between there, their and they’re, loose and lose and affect and effect; and I know my commas from my colons. [And I ponder why the plural of comma isn’t commae?] Yes, I … Continue reading

The other (social) media

How many email newsletters do you subscribe to? Me? Well… I’ve lost count. Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools in the inbound marketer’s arsenal. You may have been thinking about an e-newsletter for your own business; you certainly receive plenty of them so why not send one out to your own customers? … Continue reading

I’m at BlogU, how about you?

Do you remember your good ol’ Uni (college) days? Hours spent sitting around musty rooms that smelled of old books, hotly debating how you thought this new thing called the “Internet” (it had a capital “I” in those days) would impact the world. We were young, passionate and full of vigour. We thought we held … Continue reading

The Deafening Dread of Silent Clients

How do you communicate with your clients? My preference? I’m an email chick through and through. I don’t like people to have to stop what they’re doing, interrupt their stream of thought, creative tangent, lunch break to talk to lil’ ol’ me. In return I have clients who are emailers, texters, tweeters, Skypers and callers. … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Resuscitating Your Unloved Blog

It’s been a huge few weeks for me here at JMC HQ and the first thing to go? The fun stuff. Pinterest was first out the door, followed closely by my blog and Facebook came in a lagging third (really should have been second but it’s the closest thing I have to a social life)… … Continue reading

Content conventions: consistency is key

One of the wonderful things about language is its constant evolution. People write their own way but there are rules; these rules help us understand what everyone else is saying. With the advent of the internet and its rapidly changing language it can be difficult to keep track of the current convention of how to write … Continue reading

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