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Is your website paying you back?

Costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, your web presence represents a large investment for your business. A website, just like any other marketing tool, needs to demonstrate a measurable return on investment. So, where do you start to determine your website’s value? Just like many other things, Google has the answer: Google Analytics. Google … Continue reading

You’re fired!

As a freelancer, I treasure my clients. I truly appreciate that they chose me for their projects, I always aim to exceed their expectations, I respect their deadlines and I value our relationship. From the tentative steps of the first brief, to the celebration of a project completed, a product launched, a media campaign won. Many … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Blog

It’s a challenge faced by many people who peddle services as opposed to products. We don’t have a tangible thing we can beautifully photograph and put on a website to entice potential customers to make a purchase. It’s just us and our skills. Not very photogenic (at times). Making headway as a freelance writer, I felt … Continue reading

Smart cookies: Oreo’s advertising coup

Not being privy to the Super Bowl live here in Australia (in the office, anyway), I was only able to watch the events of #SB47 unfold live on Twitter. Like many others, I was only in it for the ads. And, following many hundreds of social media / marketing tweeps, my feed was jam-packed with … Continue reading

Social media: new kid in town or hot young thing?

Content marketing isn’t the new kid on the block but it is certainly one of the hot young things of the moment. Did you know you are already content marketing, you just don’t realise it? Every piece of information you provide is content. Every snippet of copy, every image and every video on your website … Continue reading

Throwing staff off the fiscal cliff is not the answer

This interesting article from analyses the results of a survey of small business owners. Respondents reflect on the challenges of 2012 and define their resolutions for 2013. When asked what their best ideas were in 2012, they said: 1. Deciding on the right focus. Identifying the best and most profitable customers, and learning to say … Continue reading

The other (social) media

How many email newsletters do you subscribe to? Me? Well… I’ve lost count. Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools in the inbound marketer’s arsenal. You may have been thinking about an e-newsletter for your own business; you certainly receive plenty of them so why not send one out to your own customers? … Continue reading

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for happiness (or marketing)

Cruising one of my fave websites  looking for blog fodder I noticed that their most viewed article is titled “9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier”. That’s nice isn’t it? We all just want to be happy. And we do. It’s true. Reading the list, however, I realised that many of those habits … Continue reading

Are You Taking Your Small Business Seriously?

As the owner / part-owner of two small businesses I am a very busy person. Combining a part time job with motherhood and two business ventures leaves me very little time to do anything that isn’t absolutely essential to running my business(es) or my household! In the constant buzz of activity small business owners can … Continue reading

Who’s your best customer?

In my line of work I hear (and talk) a lot about target audiences. The target audience is king. It’s who we’re talking to when we’re doing the marketing talk. It’s who we want to motivate to walk when we’re doing the marketing walk. I developed a successful TV/radio campaign last year. Customer numbers (it’s … Continue reading

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