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The crystallisation of a creative idea into one convenient graphic

Source: via Jane McKay on Pinterest The winning Metung logo – A Day in the Life by Jane McKay Communications[/caption] If you’re not following me on Facebook, haven’t visited my website or popped down to the Metung Village Store you wouldn’t know that a logo I designed was selected as the “winner” in the … Continue reading

Are You Taking Your Small Business Seriously?

As the owner / part-owner of two small businesses I am a very busy person. Combining a part time job with motherhood and two business ventures leaves me very little time to do anything that isn’t absolutely essential to running my business(es) or my household! In the constant buzz of activity small business owners can … Continue reading

A logo by any other name…

I love designing logos. Informed by the brand’s ethos and, often,  the personality of the business owner (in the case of small business, anyway), logos sum up the personality of the brand in one (hopefully) beautiful symbol.  Logo design can often evoke clashing opinions and conflicting emotions. As with all creative work it’s subjective and really … Continue reading

Power to the paper people

Online marketing is the way of the now and the way of the future. I know this, you know this, your customers know this but, deny it if you will, print still makes a valuable contribution to the marketing mix. I know people think of print as “old school” and “how we used to do things” … Continue reading

Me Jane, I do marketing

I had an interesting encounter last week. We have some lovely young ladies who have joined the organisation (at my “real” job in marketing, not my freelance work) as trainees. They were doing the tour and were shown into my office [read: cave] where the tour guide asked my position (he’s new around here), “I … Continue reading

Colour me happy!

The colors of the web

It’s not only fonts that rock my world it’s colour! I just love how a bright pink scarf in the middle of winter can give me a lift, turquoise thongs (flip flops) make me yearn for summer and the green of my lawn brings me puppy-like joy.

Colour affects the perception of your brand; colours evoke emotion and emotions obviously affect the way we feel which is a crucial thing to consider when selecting corporate colours for your brand. 

I have had colours ruined for me by working in marketing departments, over use of colour can really get you down and in my current role I am limited to the corporate colours of burgundy, orange, grey and black (what a combo! No, I didn’t choose them!).

Thankfully my freelance work allows me scope for playing with colour, especially as my clients have recently asked me to develop logos for their brands. It’s a tricky business when working with clients as varied as photographers, doulas and now, a disability service. Colours are as important as the words you use to convey your brand. 


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