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The crystallisation of a creative idea into one convenient graphic

Source: via Jane McKay on Pinterest The winning Metung logo – A Day in the Life by Jane McKay Communications[/caption] If you’re not following me on Facebook, haven’t visited my website or popped down to the Metung Village Store you wouldn’t know that a logo I designed was selected as the “winner” in the … Continue reading

I’m at BlogU, how about you?

Do you remember your good ol’ Uni (college) days? Hours spent sitting around musty rooms that smelled of old books, hotly debating how you thought this new thing called the “Internet” (it had a capital “I” in those days) would impact the world. We were young, passionate and full of vigour. We thought we held … Continue reading

A logo by any other name…

I love designing logos. Informed by the brand’s ethos and, often,  the personality of the business owner (in the case of small business, anyway), logos sum up the personality of the brand in one (hopefully) beautiful symbol.  Logo design can often evoke clashing opinions and conflicting emotions. As with all creative work it’s subjective and really … Continue reading

6 ways to give (and receive) constructive criticism

I’m a big believer in feedback – without feedback we wouldn’t change. I’m also a big believer in encouraging people to be the best they can be. Sometimes this can require some diplomatically-phrased criticism. However there is a difference between constructive feedback and destructive feedback. In my line of work I deal with a lot … Continue reading

Webalicious websites

My goodness there are  a lot of ugly websites out there. Doing research on social media and internet marketing (as I constantly am) I come across loads of websites that have that greasy, snake-oil salesman feel about them. You know the ones I mean? They reek of synthetic suits, cheap aftershave and knock-off watches. They use … Continue reading

Power to the paper people

Online marketing is the way of the now and the way of the future. I know this, you know this, your customers know this but, deny it if you will, print still makes a valuable contribution to the marketing mix. I know people think of print as “old school” and “how we used to do things” … Continue reading

Me Jane, I do marketing

I had an interesting encounter last week. We have some lovely young ladies who have joined the organisation (at my “real” job in marketing, not my freelance work) as trainees. They were doing the tour and were shown into my office [read: cave] where the tour guide asked my position (he’s new around here), “I … Continue reading

Of mice and man

I recently downloaded some free fonts via The Visual Brothera and wanted to create something fun with one I particularly liked called Quicksand. As happenstance would have it I also read a quote I thought one Trina D. Lambert would appreciate, being a fellow dog-lover. So I whipped this puppy up on my creative {read: lunch} … Continue reading

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