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Smart cookies: Oreo’s advertising coup

Not being privy to the Super Bowl live here in Australia (in the office, anyway), I was only able to watch the events of #SB47 unfold live on Twitter. Like many others, I was only in it for the ads. And, following many hundreds of social media / marketing tweeps, my feed was jam-packed with … Continue reading

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for happiness (or marketing)

Cruising one of my fave websites  looking for blog fodder I noticed that their most viewed article is titled “9 Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier”. That’s nice isn’t it? We all just want to be happy. And we do. It’s true. Reading the list, however, I realised that many of those habits … Continue reading

Who’s your best customer?

In my line of work I hear (and talk) a lot about target audiences. The target audience is king. It’s who we’re talking to when we’re doing the marketing talk. It’s who we want to motivate to walk when we’re doing the marketing walk. I developed a successful TV/radio campaign last year. Customer numbers (it’s … Continue reading

Marketing 101

Do you have a marketing plan for your business? Is it a brief paragraph thrown into your overall business plan? Or is it a well-thought-out, strategic document informed by your business plan? Marketing can make or break a business and a detailed marketing plan is crucial when approaching what can a be a high expenditure … Continue reading

Copywriting, in a nutshell

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is “what does a copywriter do?”. To those in the marketing world this may sound like a silly question – I write copy, duh – but I think we often get so caught up in our industry that we forget what it’s like to be on … Continue reading

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