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Is your website paying you back?

I've gone Google (Håkan Dahlström) / CC BY 2.0

Costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars, your web presence represents a large investment for your business.

A website, just like any other marketing tool, needs to demonstrate a measurable return on investment.

So, where do you start to determine your website’s value? Just like many other things, Google has the answer: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides powerful data analysis yet, like most Google products, it’s free: all you need is a Google account.

Using Analytics you can measure the number of visitors to your site, how they get there and where they’re going.

What does this mean for your business? Google Analytics allows you to find out what people are enter into search engines when they are looking for you on the web.

This information is crucial in allowing you to find out what is and isn’t working on your site as well as how social media is driving traffic to your site.

This in-depth information can allow you to tailor your blog posts, collateral and web copy to the keywords people are using to find you and to discover whether these keywords reflect your actual business or your website’s poorly-targeted content.

Not only this but Google Analytics can gives you reports on your bounce rate, whether visitors are returning or new visitors, how long your visitors are staying and where they’re going once they arrive at your site.

This data allows you to work out whether your home page is working, what content your visitors find engaging once they arrive at your site.

Plus, by monitoring peaks and troughs, you can see how your social media efforts are driving traffic to your site, what content your audience finds engaging and what they’re sharing and where all of which crucial in the social media era.

What’s your favourite metric in Google Analytics?


About Jane McKay @janemckaycomms

I’m Jane. I write. I design. I create. In 2009, following a tree-change to sunny East Gippsland, I realised a dream and started my own business through which I have freelanced my marketing services ever since. I understand that marketing your business can be overwhelming, overcomplicated and often overlooked. That’s why I’m here. With a range of expertise built on a Masters in Media and Communications and derived from more than 8 years’ industry experience working with small companies as well as large multi-nationals, I help businesses grow. A creative soul with a strong geek side, I combine my love of wordsmithing with an interest in all things design- and tech-related.The perfect combination of skills for my career in creative marketing.


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