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The crystallisation of a creative idea into one convenient graphic

Source: via Jane McKay on Pinterest

The winning Metung logo – A Day in the Life by Jane McKay Communications[/caption]

If you’re not following me on Facebook, haven’t visited my website or popped down to the Metung Village Store you wouldn’t know that a logo I designed was selected as the “winner” in the recent Metung logo design competition.

This caused me great joy as I love Metung and wanted a logo as beautiful as the locale itself.

The logo design “A Day in the Life” represents a day in the life of Metung: start with a sail on the Lakes while watching another glorious sunrise; enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the region while fishing from the boardwalk; end your day with some wonderful food and fabulous local wine.

Logo design is a tricky process but one I enjoy nonetheless especially in this case as the brief was not specific so I could let my imagination run wild. I came up with 5 concepts in the end (which I will share on my Facebook eventually!); some I love almost equally to the final selection (but which didn’t fulfil the brief as emphatically) and others I like less but, as my mum said “are all worthy of merit” (thanks mum).

Logo design is the distillation of the intangible personality of a person, a place, a company, a brand into one clear concept and design that fills the brief, appeals to the target audience and makes your client happy.

It’s a wonderfully creative process and the outcome is one I hope that visitors and residents will enjoy as a fair representation of a beautiful village on the stunning Gippsland Lakes.

Now, to share on my Pinterest page!

You are welcome to, too 🙂


About Jane McKay @janemckaycomms

I’m Jane. I write. I design. I create. In 2009, following a tree-change to sunny East Gippsland, I realised a dream and started my own business through which I have freelanced my marketing services ever since. I understand that marketing your business can be overwhelming, overcomplicated and often overlooked. That’s why I’m here. With a range of expertise built on a Masters in Media and Communications and derived from more than 8 years’ industry experience working with small companies as well as large multi-nationals, I help businesses grow. A creative soul with a strong geek side, I combine my love of wordsmithing with an interest in all things design- and tech-related.The perfect combination of skills for my career in creative marketing.


2 thoughts on “The crystallisation of a creative idea into one convenient graphic

  1. I love love love the final design!! Well done Jane 🙂

    Posted by Merryn Padgett | December 11, 2012, 11:06 am

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