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Word of the Year

Omnishambles. Ha.�Word of the Year. via Word of the Year. Advertisements

I’m at BlogU, how about you?

Do you remember your good ol’ Uni (college) days? Hours spent sitting around musty rooms that smelled of old books, hotly debating how you thought this new thing called the “Internet” (it had a capital “I” in those days) would impact the world. We were young, passionate and full of vigour. We thought we held … Continue reading

The Deafening Dread of Silent Clients

How do you communicate with your clients? My preference? I’m an email chick through and through. I don’t like people to have to stop what they’re doing, interrupt their stream of thought, creative tangent, lunch break to talk to lil’ ol’ me. In return I have clients who are emailers, texters, tweeters, Skypers and callers. … Continue reading

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