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Are You Taking Your Small Business Seriously?

As the owner / part-owner of two small businesses I am a very busy person. Combining a part time job with motherhood and two business ventures leaves me very little time to do anything that isn’t absolutely essential to running my business(es) or my household! In the constant buzz of activity small business owners can … Continue reading

Twits, Tweets and Likes: Decoding Social Media to Market Your Small Business

Do you tweet to your followers? Like your likers? If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you probably haven’t entered the (brave, relatively) new world of social media marketing. While old hands may sound like they’re talking gibberish much of the time, newcomers (or noobs) can find the world of social media … Continue reading

A word on social from an expert. Interesting and practical advice that is scalable.

Who’s your best customer?

In my line of work I hear (and talk) a lot about target audiences. The target audience is king. It’s who we’re talking to when we’re doing the marketing talk. It’s who we want to motivate to walk when we’re doing the marketing walk. I developed a successful TV/radio campaign last year. Customer numbers (it’s … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Resuscitating Your Unloved Blog

It’s been a huge few weeks for me here at JMC HQ and the first thing to go? The fun stuff. Pinterest was first out the door, followed closely by my blog and Facebook came in a lagging third (really should have been second but it’s the closest thing I have to a social life)… … Continue reading

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