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A logo by any other name…

I love designing logos. Informed by the brand’s ethos and, often,  the personality of the business owner (in the case of small business, anyway), logos sum up the personality of the brand in one (hopefully) beautiful symbol.  Logo design can often evoke clashing opinions and conflicting emotions. As with all creative work it’s subjective and really … Continue reading

Content conventions: consistency is key

One of the wonderful things about language is its constant evolution. People write their own way but there are rules; these rules help us understand what everyone else is saying. With the advent of the internet and its rapidly changing language it can be difficult to keep track of the current convention of how to write … Continue reading

Being creative under pressure

So you may have noticed it’s been pretty quiet here at JMC HQ lately. Why? Well, it’s annual report time peeps which means I don’t have time for creativity, sadly I only have times for stats, facts, figures and flow charts. (And eradicating double spaces). Usually I use my lunch (quarter) hours as my “creative … Continue reading

Pet peeve post time

Ok, let’s make this clear. It is never OK to put two spaces after a full stop. Period. Never ever. My mum does it, my sister does it, my CEO does it, my husband does it. My dog would do it if her smart phone had a space bar (and if I had a dog)! … Continue reading

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