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6 ways to give (and receive) constructive criticism

I’m a big believer in feedback – without feedback we wouldn’t change. I’m also a big believer in encouraging people to be the best they can be. Sometimes this can require some diplomatically-phrased criticism. However there is a difference between constructive feedback and destructive feedback. In my line of work I deal with a lot … Continue reading

70 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits

70 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits.

Marketing 101

Do you have a marketing plan for your business? Is it a brief paragraph thrown into your overall business plan? Or is it a well-thought-out, strategic document informed by your business plan? Marketing can make or break a business and a detailed marketing plan is crucial when approaching what can a be a high expenditure … Continue reading

Even though I’ve never met you, I couldn’t do it without you

This is a (very) personal article I wrote that was published on a Fairfax site today. Photo credit: Tulip Flare photography (another WordPresser). It started with conception, and although we’d never met, three years on I considered this group of amazing, inspiring and beautiful women to be some of my best friends. In April 2010 … Continue reading

e-newsletters that click

Did you just receive an influx of email newsletters into your inbox? Coincidence? I think not. E-newsletters are all about engagement: the aim is to spur the reader into action. Click a link, view a product or provide an answer; out of every e-newsletter distributed, marketers ultimately want each and every recipient to (please) make … Continue reading

I’m not inspired and that’s OK: 5 ways I overcome creative block

So, as the headline suggests, I’m not feeling inspired today and I’m OK with that. Creative block happens to all of us (especially on a Monday) so I will continue with the mundane formatting and editing (annual report, yes, still) that I’ve been attending to for the last few weeks. It’s a challenge to be … Continue reading

The best customer service story ever!

I just love this story about a young boy’s soft toy and the staff at The Ritz-Carlton’s response to a request for his safe return. This is marketing gold (along with the recent Jack Daniels’ “cease and desist” letter from our fellow WordPresser Broken Piano for President author Patrick Wensink)! Surprise and delight your customers in a … Continue reading

Webalicious websites

My goodness there are  a lot of ugly websites out there. Doing research on social media and internet marketing (as I constantly am) I come across loads of websites that have that greasy, snake-oil salesman feel about them. You know the ones I mean? They reek of synthetic suits, cheap aftershave and knock-off watches. They use … Continue reading

101 Best and Most Proven Sales and Marketing Ideas

101 Best and Most Proven Sales and Marketing Ideas (best viewed in 800×600 resolution) includes some marketing gems from the last millennium. I think it demonstrates how far we’ve come in terms of technology yet it’s easy to see how translatable these ideas are in, well, the new millennium (there’s a term you haven’t heard for about 12 … Continue reading

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