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Pin your hopes (and inspiration)

Pinterest is the next big thing in social media. If you’re not on it or haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out.

Pinterest is a virtual, visual pin board of your loves, aspirations and ideas. It’s a place to assemble everything you see (and love) on the internet and share it with the world.

How does this help me? With all my visual inspiration in one place, when I’m feeling at a low creative ebb I can log on and be inspired by the brilliant collectivism humans creating simply beautiful ideas and objects. Plus I no longer have a list of “click when in need of inspiration” bookmarks a mile long!

With 104 million total visits in March and a reported 97% of users being women*, it’s a networking opportunity not to be missed. If you create beautiful products, images or words and can use a camera (read: iPhone), there is an audience for you and all that you love on Pinterest.

Gone are the days of “bums on seats” we live in an “eyeballs on screens” world and Pinterest has created the ultimate audience; think creatively, simply and beautifully and your idea could be “re-pinned” to literally millions of users worldwide, making your marketplace truly global in one easy click.

Plus it’s easy; no need to get bogged down in whose birthday it is, when that girlfriend’s baby is due, who’s having problems at work and how that friend’s dog is doing after their recent operation via mundane status updates, most people you interact with on Pinterest are anonymous, we’re all there for an aesthetically good time.

So if you’re looking for a little visual inspiration in your day, grab yourself a coffee and take a little Pinterest time. Be aware, though, this is the most time-sucking creation since Facebook!



About Jane McKay @janemckaycomms

I’m Jane. I write. I design. I create. In 2009, following a tree-change to sunny East Gippsland, I realised a dream and started my own business through which I have freelanced my marketing services ever since. I understand that marketing your business can be overwhelming, overcomplicated and often overlooked. That’s why I’m here. With a range of expertise built on a Masters in Media and Communications and derived from more than 8 years’ industry experience working with small companies as well as large multi-nationals, I help businesses grow. A creative soul with a strong geek side, I combine my love of wordsmithing with an interest in all things design- and tech-related.The perfect combination of skills for my career in creative marketing.


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