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The quality of the brief dictates the quality of the product

The crucial part of any project is the brief. Hands down, every time, if there are issues with the end product it’s generally because the brief was incomplete, incompetent or incorrectly communicated. I’ve had many different types of briefs over the years from two words “birds” and “tangerine” (see previous post “Colour me happy!” for … Continue reading

Freelancing your way to freedom?

I am sitting at my desk pondering what the water-cooler topics are today; the GFC, the US elections, the latest Angry Birds season? Freelancing is perceived as the ultimate in employment: working at home in your PJs and clocking in on your own schedule, yet the lonely reality of flying solo can be a stark … Continue reading

Colour me happy!

The colors of the web

It’s not only fonts that rock my world it’s colour! I just love how a bright pink scarf in the middle of winter can give me a lift, turquoise thongs (flip flops) make me yearn for summer and the green of my lawn brings me puppy-like joy.

Colour affects the perception of your brand; colours evoke emotion and emotions obviously affect the way we feel which is a crucial thing to consider when selecting corporate colours for your brand. 

I have had colours ruined for me by working in marketing departments, over use of colour can really get you down and in my current role I am limited to the corporate colours of burgundy, orange, grey and black (what a combo! No, I didn’t choose them!).

Thankfully my freelance work allows me scope for playing with colour, especially as my clients have recently asked me to develop logos for their brands. It’s a tricky business when working with clients as varied as photographers, doulas and now, a disability service. Colours are as important as the words you use to convey your brand. 


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The slow and painful death of traditional media

Fairfax has today announced that it will see 1,900 staff redundancies over the next three years. With falling revenue in its traditional publishing arm, the cuts will be made within its printing facilities as well as to its editorial staff cohort. Greg Hywood, Fairfax’s chief executive, said their traditional broad sheets will move to Berliner … Continue reading

Do what you love to do and what you get paid to do align?

How to be happy in business

I freelance because I love to write and love the freedom and variety that freelancing allows me. Do you love what you do?

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Why typography speaks louder than words

When Typography Speaks Louder Than Words I’m a fontiphile. A died-in-the-wool, hardcore font geek. Few things bring me such joy as trawling through typography, carefully crafted purely for my enjoyment. But it’s not just the visual appearance of fonts that makes them so deliciously appealing, it’s how they make us feel. The personality of every … Continue reading

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